Three reasons businesses need a tried and tested DR solution

50%+ of businesses experienced downtime in the past two years.

(Sinderman, 2016)

Businesses can lose 20K to 100K for every day of downtime.

(DataCore, 2018)

Downtime is estimated to cost close to 90K per hour.

(ioSafe, 2019)

Founded in 2002, Xynomix is one of the largest independent providers of Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server database management services within the UK. As an Oracle Gold Partner, we deliver a full range of services, carried out by our pool of highly-skilled DBAs. We work closely together with Dbvisit Software to ensure our clients have a reliable DR solution in place that mitigates the risk of data loss and ensures a smooth path to recovery.

“Our manually scripted standby database used to fall out of sync on a daily basis before the installation of Dbvisit Standby. We have not had a single outage since. I am much impressed.”


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Steve Fenwick
Dbvisit Standby user based in UAE

"The solution takes a complex problem and distills it down to a reliable cost effective, and easy to use product. It works as advertised, and the support is great! Give it a try, it sells itself."


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Joe Lennert
Dbvisit Standby user based in United States