Delivering Optimal Performance with Dbvisit and DataMAPt

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

11:00am MDT

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In today’s complex data environments, DBAs are under enormous pressure to ensure all systems are closely monitored. The baseline expectation is that issues are detected and remedied, well before snowballing into catastrophes - which have potential to directly impact business revenue.

For many DBAs, administering replication topologies is part of their daily duties. They need to ensure data movement flows as expected, with conflicts or issues identified and resolved as quickly as possible.

Imagine if your system and replication information was available in one, easily accessible tool, so that you could proactively monitor system health and address issues before your customers were even aware of them? See your entire network, from hardware, to the actual replication process. Even see data moving to the cloud! If any problems arise, including potential security threats, or if there is opportunity for improvement, you can find the solutions starting in the right place.

Join Mike Donovan, Dbvisit CTO, and Chris Gilliam, CEO of DataMAPt, to learn more about Dbvisit Replicate & DataMAPt’s Remote Monitoring & Management Solution (RMM). View a demonstration of how these tools work in tandem to deliver optimal performance, and security for your production environment.

Mike Donovan

CTO, Dbvisit Software

Chris Gilliam



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