Discover the Dbvisit Replicate Connector for Kafka

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

11:00am PST

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Data is the lifeblood of modern business, and timely access to it is critical to organizations, to ensure their own efficiency and to provide competitive advantage in a crowded marketplace. There are fewer more valuable channels than a company's Oracle data. How then do we make this widely accessible within an organization in real-time, without compromising data security or operational functions, in a way that leverages this data capital. Learn how to win with your data to achieve competitive advantage!

Discover the Dbvisit Replicate Connector for Kafka in this live technical webinar with our awesome Chief Technical Officer, Mike Donovan. 

Mike will cover the following topics during the 60-min webinar: 

Constructing data pipelines - taking Oracle change data from the source database through to a business analysis/intelligence end point for consumption, and action

Getting started with Dbvisit's Replicate Connector for Kafka, a plugin for the Kafka Connect framework, walking through how to install, configure and deploy this

Demonstration of leveraging Kafka Connect’s functionalities to funnel this data into tools such as Elasticsearch, and begin visualising and appreciating this data in Kibana

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Mike Donovan

Chief Technical Officer

Dbvisit Software

Mike joined Dbvisit back in 2007 and has had many different roles within the company, including head of the Global Support team and Digital Business Development pioneer. Now he is our Chief Technology Officer (CTO). He is passionate about Oracle database technology, having worked with it for more than a decade, and spoken at many conferences including OOW, RMOUG, and Collaborate. Mike was also a production DBA, and gained certifications on this RDBMS platform in versions 9i through 12c.


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